We collaborate for the benefit of our patients.

Burmantofts, Harehills and Richmond Hill PCN is a network of practices with a common goal of improving the health of our local population. 

Our vision is to collaborate for the benefit of our patients. Informed by data; work to reduce inequalities, enable practices to be sustainable and make a positive difference to our patients lives.

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Message from Our Clinical Director

As a GP Partner that has worked in the community for a number of years, I seek to understand the needs of the communities that live in the area and advocate for the patients within the PCN. I am passionate about reducing health inequalities and believe that social status should not be a barrier to good health. As a team we prioritise working with practices whilst always being aware of our patients and the lives that they live.

Primary Care Networks came in to being in July 2019. Our operational team has a long history of collaborating and we continue to build upon this. I work with my leadership team to guide our response to national and local asks. As our team matures, we have put in place a structure to assist our decision making and continue to work on improving communication with our 13 practices.

At the heart of what we do are the people who work with us. They will share our desire to achieve the best outcomes for our patients and will respect differences. We have developed robust clinical governance to assure our partners and patients that all PCN workers share the aim to improve and achieve good clinical outcomes. As the team grows this will become ever more important to allow our partners to have trust in what we do.

We will always face challenges but a clear strategy of working together in a patient centred manner will give us the best chance of success.

Clinical Director
Nadia Anderson